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Props Community Gathering

  • Jungle Theater 2951 Lyndale Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55408 United States (map)


Snacks and coffee provided.

Special Guests:

Sue Brockman, Props Director, Children’s Theater Company

Abbee Warmboe, Props Designer & Craftsperson, Freelance


Laura Wilhelm, Props Manager, Chanhassen Dinner Theaters

Props are amazing things. A good prop is absolute magic and has so much power: the power of incredible detail, storytelling, characterization and transcendence. A bad prop is so ruinous that it can destroy an entire experience - or even craft its own experience.

Yet, for all that, few folks are as unacknowledged both within and without the industry as Props folks. Simultaneously underpaid, undersupported and unrecognized (how many Props awards are there? How often is Props just thought of as an extension of either Scenery or Costumes?), Props folks are, in fact, among the greatest testaments to the ingenuity, artisanship, technical genius, collaborativeness and artistry of our industry.

This Community Gathering is for those folks: the Props Designers, Props Directors, Assistant Props Directors, Props Artisans (Hard Props and Soft Props and everything in between), Props Electricians - i.e. all the Props Magicians.

It’s also for those folks who want to MEET those folks!

So if this is you, then come by, have some brunch, meet some friends you’ve always known and some others you haven’t met yet. We will celebrate you, and hold space for you to talk about the issues and topics that are important to you, with your community. Two special guests will lead us in a short structured conversation to get the ball rolling then we’ll just let things fly as they will!

By the way, if you haven’t seen this incredible video on props by Raging Cinema, then click away!