Wu Chen Recommends...Paper Girls.

Paper Girls.jpg

I had casting about, looking for something light to read in bed, when I stumbled on Paper Girls by Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. An adventure story revolving around some paper delivery girls set in the 80s? Sounds fun!
And it is, only it is anything but light. I tore through the whole first volume, and then, instead of going to sleep at my already-late-hour, I read it again - interrupted only by my turn to rock the baby back to sleep.

I’ve never been one to rush out and buy the next comic book issue; but this time I was at The Source as soon as my schedule allowed to buy my own copy of Volume 1, and any additional Volumes that might exist (currently, as far as I know, three). I wanted them because when my kids were old enough, I wanted them to have easy access to them.

The writing is incredibly powerful and the characters robust and real. The aliens and the time travel are never laughable or out-of-place, and for all the fantastic nature of the core story, it never detracts from the humanity and the stark reality that is laid bare here. The art absolutely, superbly supports all of this. I’m taking this book into my design class for that reason alone.

Do yourself a favour, even if you tend not to like comics or graphic novels, check this one out.

Paper Girls at the Hennepin County Library:

Interview with Brian K Vaughan: