Wu Chen Recommends...Baby Loves... series!

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Finding good science books for the kids (aged 17 mo and 3 yrs 5 mo) is a trick and a half. By and large they can be neatly separated into two categories: over complicated navel-gazing self-important rubbish and uninteresting thus devoid-of-conversation starters drivel. My first introduction to Baby Loves… was when my older kid ran up and hit me with Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering at the Minneapolis Central Library to indicate they wanted it added to the to-borrow pile.

I glanced at it long enough to determine it wasn’t something I didn’t want in the house and moved on. It would become our most beloved book from that haul.

Let’s be clear: I’ve only read Aerospace Engineering, Gravity, and Quarks. All three are strong but that list is in order of descending strength. What all manage to do is successfully take an interesting idea, give it graspable context without stripping it of real ideas and content, and then provide just enough narrative to make it a fun read with plenty of opportunity, reasons, and interested motivation for the kids to ask ‘Why?’—And then for you to explore together and build experiments together and - well damnit, now you’re doing science.

It also really helps that the books present thoughtful, intentionally gender and ethnically diverse babies as the Point of View character in each book and this is done exactly as it should be: potently and without undue comment.

Check them out.

P.s. “Babbitty” is a favorite word now.

Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering at Hennepin County Library.

More Baby Loves… books at Hennepin County Library

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