Wu Chen Recommends: The Mid of the Chef

I love learning how other people think. How someone comes up with an idea, how they learn, experiment and explore is one of life’s great fascinations. There’s so much to be learnt from how other people approach problems (and life in general). You may learn “My oh my, I would never want to look at the world that way!” – that’s still something learnt about someone else, and also yourself, by the way – or you may find yourself blown away and whole new ways of thinking, being and acting open to yourself.

So it’s little wonder that I’m going to recommend The Mind of a Chef, a PBS TV series produced by Anthony Bourdain (it’s also available on Netflix). Each season follows a chef or two and really explores, well, their mind: their whys and hows and what-ifs.

It’s a fascinating journey down a rabbit hole of creativity, inspiration and brilliance, and I recommend to anyone involved in creative endeavours.

If you’ve been around me much, you’ll know that I’d argue that category includes everyone.