Wu Chen Recommends: The Housekeeper and the Professor

I picked up The Housekeeper and the Professor by chance. It was sitting on the floor of the bookstore; it appeared to have fallen off the shelf. I had heard of the author, but I had not read any of her books - and now, here I was, holding one.

I flipped to the inside leaf, then sat on the floor and began to read.

When I eventually got up, I felt it only right that I buy the book. I took a copy off the shelf (from a little way down the aisle) and I left my reading copy where I had found it for someone else.

A beautiful story, with living, breathing, fascinating people in a world that’s so incredibly human and familiar it seems fantastical, the book is remarkable. I thought it was a lovely - and loving - journey into the mysteriousness and beauty of humanity. Don’t let the blurb description turn you off: the seemingly trite premise is incredible in execution.

Hennepin County Library link here.