Wu Chen Recommends: Ivan Ramen

I like food, so my excitement when I found Ivan Orkin’s Ivan Ramen is hardly surprising. But there’s much more to this book than just recipes: it’s a journey of a boy growing up. Parts of the book remind me of the end of Bill Healey’s interview [Please Link to the last answer in Bill Healey’s interview], and much of it reminds me of the conversations I’ve had over the years with people who work in the arts. It’s not a feel-good, rah-rah oh look just work hard and it’ll all work out book; it’s a damn good read with damn fine insights into the journey of someone who just ended up creating something no one expected.

p.s. check out the foreword by Chef David Chang. Box Office Managers and Marketing Managers will probably get a huge kick out of it.

Ivan Orkin’s Ivan Ramen at the Hennepin County Library system.