Wu Chen Recommends: Programming

Given the degree to which our modern lives are integrated with computers, it makes a lot of sense to know something about what’s going on behind the curtain. Unfortunately, programming is often portrayed as arcane, uncool, and/or exclusively male.

That is all utterly ridiculous.

Programming, ultimately, is a language and a tool. There’s no reason for it to be gendered.

And it’s amazing on so many levels: it’s helpful in modern daily life; it’s fun, creative problem solving; the skills fostered are tremendously applicable to a wide range of fields, including the performing arts. But where to start?

Python is an extremely accessible, free programming language with a ton of support. Whether you’re completely new to programming or have some prior experience, this is a great language to try out. It’s designed to be much more readable, much more forgiving and extremely versatile. The guides linked here are very friendly, free, and come with lots of great exercises and projects to help you teach yourself - though like most things, it’s often more fun with a friend!