The arts and the people in it are vast and varied with many different needs and skills.

We're not looking to re-invent the wheel: there are many fantastic organizations and individuals out there who are doing a tremendous amount to support, educate, expand and improve different facets of the arts and entertainment industry. Here at Tech Tools, our goal is to focus on topics that would typically be classified under a Production Department: technical and design work, and Stage and Production management.

But that doesn't mean we can't help with other interests! We've collected a few resources below, and as always, please feel encouraged to contact us and ask. We'll be more than happy to help however we can. This isn't a comprehensive list by any means, but it does cover a wide range of topics and interests. We hope it at least gets you thinking!

Arts Progress is Robin Gillette

formerly Executive Director of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. A well-known figure in the Twin Cities theater scene, she's an expert on administrative models, marketing & development and a generally smart voice in the community.

Robin has kindly put together an excellent list of resources for arts administrators! Wondering about grant writing? How about a few ideas for managing a team?

Whether you're just thinking of starting a company or already deep in the thick of it, Robin's probably got just the thing to point you in the right direction!

Click on her logo to the left to be taken directly to that resource page.

Springboard for the Arts

is an amazing organization that provides tremendous support to the arts community. Their Business Skills for Artists program is an invaluable resource that everyone should take advantage of.

But that's just the beginning: a bevy of other workshops, consultations and other resources exist at Springboard. Want to know about your legal rights? Health insurance questions? Click on the logo to the right and you'll soon have your answers.

Minnesota Playlist

is a local performance arts focused website with classifieds, news, calendars, a business directory and more, the Playlist is a solid go-to resource for many individuals and organizations.

This also includes their Talentbook: a listings of profiles of industry professionals, including directors, designers, performers and technicians!

Click on the logo to the left to be a part of it!

The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 13

is the oldest standing arts organization in the Twin Cities dating from 1894!

IATSE Local-13 has long played and continues to play a central role in continuing fight over working conditions, living wages and proper and rightful health care within the arts. Many of the top technicians in town are affiliated with Local 13, and many of the top venues are union spaces and shops.

Their call referral board handles and dispenses work for huge numbers of work calls at venues like the Convention Center, the Xcel Center, Target Center and many others. Contact Local 13's general information for details about signing up, or Wu Chen at Tech Tools and he'll point you in the right direction.

Check out an important and ongoing piece of the struggle in making a living in the arts by clicking on the logo to the right.

Control Booth

is a major community site and forum for technical theater folks.

Join the conversation with a click on the logo to your right.

The Minnesota Fringe Festival

is the largest unjuried performing arts festival in North America.

A focal point of the performing arts scene in late summer, the Fringe is a hotbed of camaraderie for all types of folks. Fringe also puts a lot of effort into supporting and promoting the arts throughout the year, not just during the festival proper.

Click on the logo to the left and prepared to be amazed.

Freelancers Union

was founded in New York City by Sara Horowitz, and has since spread across the country. Dedicated to finding ways to support working folk, they're a tremendously dynamic and interesting group, with many resources and ideas that are extremely relevant to our industry.

Whether or not you ultimately agree with them, they deserve some serious attention. There are some amazing things happening with insurance, retirement and mutual support through them.

Click on the logo to the right to see for yourself.

The Minnesota Theater Alliance

serves as a central gathering point for many of the Minnesota theater companies. They have frequent programs and their goal of serving the larger Minnesota community is an important one.

Also make sure to check out their Arts Market, where industry specific goods, such as construction materials, fully built set pieces, and other gear can be bought and sold! We talk a lot about how our industry generates tremendous amounts of waste; the Alliance is moving forward on a plan to help us do something about it!

Click on the logo to the left and take a look around.