We have workshops for all ages and levels of experience.

really thorough - catered to the skill level of the participants
— -A public workshop participant

We've done workshops for children as young as 6, and for experienced working professionals.

We tailor every workshop to the specific goals and needs set out at the beginning. That means that when we're partnered with you, we'll strive to identify what you want and need and how to best provide it and maintain our high levels of quality.

We have both design and technical workshops.

Our instructors are all highly regarded local working professionals drawn from the design and technical fields. We believe in integrating both design and technical skills in our workshops, as we think that understanding both concepts makes you better overall and at your specialty.

Accessibility is very important to us.

it related to my field of work and I could take the learning experiences back
— -A Rarig Publics participant

We believe that everyone should get a chance to learn. This extends across all lines including folks who are not involved in professional art. Generous funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board via the Legacy Amendment and the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, among others, helps us keep prices substantially below what workshops like these would normally cost.

Additionally, we also want to teach our skills to everyone. A lot of our skills are both extremely useful and also extremely interesting! We want to make them accessible to everyone and get folks excited to get out and just do stuff!

We'll make the logistics easy.


We want you to be able to do this yourselves.

Getting all the pieces in place for technical and design workshops is a lot of work - we know. But we don't want that to be a barrier to anyone. We'll make sure our workshops are tailored to the venue's capabilities. One great thing about having a team of technicians and designers is that setting up workshops like these is basically what we do for a living! We know the ins and out and we'll make sure there aren't any mad scrambles.

One of our mission goals is to encourage folks to be free with their knowledge and skills. It makes a better community, a better workforce and a better world. That means we really want folks to get proficient enough and open enough to share what we teach them.

Hopefully that means you like what we do enough that you'll keep asking us back - until your team is able to train folks themselves and you don't need us anymore. We'd be honoured if that happened: we'd call it a great success.

If you'd like to partner with us for some workshops, or if you just want to talk about technical, production and design education, please get in touch with us! We're passionate about what we do and we'd love to hear what you have to say!