We believe that there's nothing quite like working closely with an experienced professional. Our Apprenticeship program matches up Mentors with Apprentices in specific, goal-oriented learning partnerships designed around their actual professional gigs. Apprentices will accompany and assist Mentors in the process of putting together a show from their point of view.

We understand that the added responsibility Mentoring while trying to get a full show up is very taxing and we compensate our Mentors fairly for their time and expertise. Likewise, we understand that the longer time commitment asked of Apprentices is only accessible if there is some way to cover their expenses, and as such they also receive a stipend for their time, interest and dedication to learning and sharing.

We follow the guidelines laid out by the Department of Labor for Internships to ensure our Apprentices receive an excellent educational experience and that regular staff at the venues are protected from displacement.

Listed below are the Apprenticeships we are currently offering. Please look them over and feel free to pass them around and contact us if you are interested.

There are no open Apprenticeships at this time