Technical Tools of the Trade teaches the technical skills of theater art and design while fostering and encouraging an environment of curiosity, innovation, exploration and the open sharing of knowledge and skills.  We strive to create a community that freely shares and explores together both within the field of theater and as our field and skills apply to the world at large.

Guthrie Staff Carpenter Molly Diers observes as a Tech Tools participant welds. All our instructors are top-notch local professionals. Photo Credit: Farrington Starnes

Children's Theater Company Master Electrician Dave Horn deconstructs a fresnel. We hold workshops for all levels of skill.
Photo Credit: Farrington Starnes

Sound Designer & Audio Engineer Montana Johnson answers a question. We keep class sizes small to maximize the learning experience. Photo Credit: Farrington Starnes

Professional scenic painter Sara Herman digs into the skills every painter needs to master in Tech Tools Scenic Painting: Core Ideas & Techniques in the Rarig Center Scene Shop at the University of MN.
Photo Credit: Megan Engeseth Photography

Puppet Designer & McKnight Fellowship Recipient Chris Lutter-Gardella teaches puppet construction techniques using found and recycled materials. Photo Credit: Farrington Starnes